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Rapidspread Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine to only search for files.

Rapid spread provides a way to upload content to several file hosts with a few simple clicks, making the file available for download in many different places.

The file or files are stored temporarily on one of RapidSpreads servers.
The files are then spread and stored on third Party external file storage services on behalf of the User. The links to control the User File on the Third Party Services will be stored on and then RapidSpread will display and/or email two generated unique links to the User. The User can then access the download links to download the File from the Third Party Services by clicking on one of the unique generated links. The other unique generated link is to delete the File from and from the Third Party Services.

When you search Rapidspread for files to download, you sometimes return a variety of different file types. To narrow down your search you can add a file extension to your term, such as mp3, zip, rar, avi, mpg, exe etc. Quite often people will compress files with win zip or win rar to make them easier to download via Rapidspread.
You can enhance your mp3 search or video search by adding a parameter to your search term to cover these different file types,
Always scan files you have downloaded via Rapidspread with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them.

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