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Use the above custom search engine if you only want to search zshare.net for files.

There are other file hosting sites on the web that allows you to transfer files, audio or video. At the same time, it can be viewed by other people as well. Although the types or number of people that can view them can be customized to what you are going for, it can still produce a lot of problems. This is where zshare.com comes in handy. This site allows you to transfer whatever you need. It can be a flash, a video or an image; it will do the job for you. The way that your files are shared and stored is totally up to you. However, this site does not allow other people to view your files, whatever they may be, as long as it is not intended for them. This is what makes the site so great when it comes to meeting the data transfer needs of the client and keeping their desired privacy as well.

For the many people who do not know, this site is completely free. This is an ad-financed website that is why you can be sure that all the sites’ services are for free. No more choosing on whether you are going for a premium or free subscription. This is great for those people who are in a financial fix and needs to transfer files efficiently and for free. Since it does not allow other people to view your files, you can be sure of its safety and efficacy when it comes to making sure that the files that you will upload will only be downloaded that the person that you want to.

This site has the perfect balance of sharing and uploading and that is what makes it so great. No longer do you have to wake up to a sleepless night and worrying about who has seen your picture or video. They do not allow any adult materials such as nudity or any forms of adult material that is why you can be sure that even your children old enough to use computer but not that old to know about mature contents are well protected of their purity. Since most adult sites and links are the one that carries viruses that can potentially harm your files are banned from this free online file storage system, you can be sure of your files’ safety.

The files that you upload can be downloaded for an unlimited number of times only by the person that you have given access to. To some sites, sometimes, this feature is only available to their premium subscribers only. This is what makes the site so great. Some of the features that other sites charge for are offered free. This makes file storage more accessible to a lot of people, even those with a limited budget.

Be wise when it comes to choosing the site for backup solutions. Avail those that you can be sure of the protection that they offer and the cheapest that offers the most services. Be alert and watch out for security measures that will help protect your files from being seen by unwanted people.

To be able to download files from zshare, you need to know the exact URL, I have provided a search facility above to find the URL and download from zshare.
Always scan files you have downloaded from zshare with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them

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