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4shared Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine if you only want to search 4Shared.com for files.

There are sites that offer data storage and backup systems that cater to more private people with private needs. Their number one priority is the privacy of the files that are being transferred from one person to another. The security that no one will be able to view the file except the sender and the receiver is their number one priority. Making sure that no data leaks out is one of their goals. That is probably the reason why it is the one trusted when transferring files that need utmost security.

However, there are sites that prioritize the exact opposite. The more people that view files of other people, the better. One of these sites is called 4shared.com. It offers data storage space of 5GB for free, the largest when it comes to data storage sizes. All you have to do is sign up which is also free. This way, you can upload anything you want from images, to videos, to music. You also have the chance to show it to the world. You can choose to upload it for everyone to see whether he or she is a member or not.

This is a great platform for artists who wish to get their art seen or heard. This is also a great way to advertise something from dresses to houses. Uploading is the latest trend when it comes to staying alive in a business. The more your product gets accessed on the internet, the better.

Although it offers a lot of new features, it can still be used as an old fashioned backup solutions and free online storage device. You can choose to use it as a normal file transfer site. This site caters to all ages and is a family friendly site. That is why it is such a great advertisement plan for people who wish to plug their offers to a broader market.

They have 6 different subscription plans that every new user can choose from. This is to suite all income brackets making sure that they can get the optimum services that they can afford. This customizes what the customers needs. They also have a photo album service which makes sharing photos a lot easier since you can upload them by the numbers and not just one by one. This can save a lot of computer time.

You can also have a file description so that the person that is planning on viewing you file knows what he is about to see. It has an antivirus which ensures the safety of the files that you wish to transfer and upload. They also have customizable security settings so that you can be sure that you can choose which type of people can view your files. It adds a whole new meaning to the phrase “secured sharing”.

The site features a lot more services than mentioned here. The most important thing to consider is that even though they are all about letting other people view your files, they still have a level of protection which means that they care about your files and their security.

To be able to download files directly from 4shared, you need to know the exact URL, Just use the search engine above to search 4shared...
When you search 4shared for files to download, you sometimes return a variety of different file types. To narrow down your search you can add a file extension to your 4shared search term, such as mp3, zip, rar, avi, mpg, exe etc. Quite often people will compress files with win zip or win rar to make them easier to download from 4shared. You can enhance your mp3 search or video search by adding a parameter to your 4shared search term to cover these different file types. Always scan files you have downloaded from 4shared with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them
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