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Unfortunately it seems that Mediafire have succumbed to the pressure and are now adding the noindex meta tag to files that uses upload as well as all files already on their servers.
This means that as search engines recrawl the pages that have the "noindex" tag added, those pages will be dropped from the search engines index. Which means that within the next day or two, no results will show up when searching mediafire.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but there is nothing I can do about it.
Its actually a bold move by Mediafire, because they will lose a lot of traffic and therefore income, because of it. I assume they were pressured into doing it. And after the unfair treatment Kim Dotcom has received over MegaUpload, I can't really blame them.


Mediafire Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine if you only want to search mediafire.com for files.

Mediafire.com is a site that provides the option of sharing a file easier and a lot simpler. You do not need to sign in to avail of their file transfer services. This is why it adds to the simplicity of the whole process. You can choose the people that will have the privilege of opening your files. Although this site is great for data transfer, it is not advisable to use this as a backup storage since you can only upload up to two copies of the files that you will backup. This site also guarantees that you only need to upload your files only once. This makes sure that all people are enjoying the simplicity that their site is offering.

 This site also lets you choose on how you want your files to be uploaded either publicly or privately. If you choose to transfer the files publicly, this will let you give other people access to your files by providing the URL. This way, your files have a sense of security even though they are considered to be public in the sense that a large number of people can be given the authority to view them. On the other hand, when we say private files, you are the only one that can view your files. These are for data transfers from computer to computer that requires heavy security. This is perfect for those businessmen whose business is founded on security. These guidelines of private and public files are also applicable to folders. You also have an option of making them public or for private consumption only.

Mediafire.com also has a unique feature of letting the customer do unlimited number of downloads. Most of the file transfer sites do not have this kind of feature that is why sometimes, downloading a file can take forever, with mediafire.com, simultaneous downloads can be done all at the same time. This makes downloading multiple files easier and faster.

This site also supports most download accelerators and managers unlike other sites. This way, you can be sure of a faster download time and a more organized one at that too. Since this site supports most download accelerators, it is not that hard to find one that will suit your needs.

The site is planning to have an uploading tool so that you can upload files directly from your computer. Also, they are planning to put up a tool that lets you upload more than 10 files all at the same time. Other people cannot search for your files that are stored in the site’s memory. This ensures the safety of its users which it truly values the most. Mediafire.com has to be one of the widely used data transfer site because of its simplicity. It makes sure that it protects the subscriber’s privacy by making rules about them. They also have clear guidelines on what files you can and cannot upload. This is what makes the site so useful for all your private file sharing needs.

To be able to download files from mediafire, you need to know the exact URL, for privacy reasons mediafire does not supply a search facility, you are supposed to know or be given the URL to the files to download by friends. So I have provided the above search facility to find the URL and download from mediafire.
Always scan files you have downloaded from mediafire with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them

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