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Taringa Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine if you only want to search taringa.net for files.

All data transfer, file hosting and free online storage site have different designs and looks that are relatively theirs.  It’s what makes them distinct from one another. Also their features are the things that set them apart. Although some sites might offer more or less than the other, they still have a common theme. Their main uses are for data backup storage and free online file storage. That is the main use of these sites.

However, Taringa.net may have the same basic use but the format and its use has changed over the course of the years that it has been around. Although this site still offers the same features like it once did, one major thing that changed is its popularity. This is an Argentina site that is mainly used for data transfer. Nowadays, it is a great platform to get heard in Argentina. Many famous people have known to use this site to voice out their opinions and that is what made it gain its popularity even more,

Taringa.net takes commenting on files into a whole new level. Basically, when you comment on a file, it is to give the downloader a sneak preview of what he or she is about to download. But these days, the way this site works is very different. People post music, video or a photo album for everyone to see and comment on. One might say that this can be bad for something when it receives bad comments. In this site, the saying “Bad publicity is still publicity” applies more than ever.

For this site, even if the comments are bad, it can still benefit the file being shown to the public. All people can comment that is why it catches so much attention. Some files cause controversy enough to stir the viewers into a verbal spat with another viewer. This still works for files because it means that the site is actually viewed by someone and that someone can grow into a large number of people. In a way, it can be called a board but since its main purpose and main essence is data storage and transfer, otherwise can be said as well. This site still has its essence down. But since it has been getting so much attention, it is also a great way to advertise. Since most of its services are for free, you can still be sure that you can have the best services without spending that much money.

If you are still in doubt about its credibility and the power that it holds among its loyal fans, you can ask the famous people who have made themselves even more famous with the site. This site is used by so many people because of its credibility and simplicity. The site has no interactive icons of flashy videos. More and more people avail its services since it is for free. What it has though is the quality of being organized. And that is what keeps the people coming.

To be able to download files from taringa, you need to know the exact URL, . So I have provided the search facility above to find the URL and download from taringa. Always scan files you have downloaded from taringa with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them

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