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Rapidshare Online Storage search engine

Use the above custom search engine to only search rapidshare.com for files.

Although its site lacks colorful icons or sound effects, rapidshare.com is widely used because of just that, its simplicity. You can easily upload and share files to many people without the hassle of filling up too many boxes and answering too many questions about your file downloads. It offers a free online storage of 200MB for its free members. Aside from that, its free members can also use the provided rapidshare manager which is the sites free online file storage system that allows its users to organize the files that they will upload.

For their premium users, they have an online storage of 2000MB which you can choose to transfer to anybody you wish. Your files will never be deleted if you are a premium user. So even if it is not downloaded by the person you wish to send it to for more than 90 days, it is perfectly fine since it is still stored in their data storage features. If your downloading gets interrupted by a sudden restart of your computer of a power break, you can resume the download once you are online again. It saves you the time of having to upload or download the file all over again. They also have an unlimited download speed which means that it is totally determined by your computer or by your internet connection. With a payment of 15 cents a day, you can avail these premium services that they offer and so much more.

They also offer 3 programs that is downloadable which enhances the data storage services that they are currently offering. The first one is their Manager. This program has the ability to allow you to have multiple downloads all at once for your convenience among its many features. They also have a program called uploader which guarantees a faster uploading time. And lastly they have the Checker. It saves you the trouble of looking for your files manually. It does the work for you by searching for your files into their system. These are only the programs that Rapidshare.com is offering as of today. None the less, they are still developing programs for a smoother upload and download for their users.

Their premium users have unlimited online data storage which means it is great for data backup service. Although it requires you to pay 15 cents daily, think of the many benefits that you can have by being a premium user. You will be able to use these services at their finest. A lot of your time and effort will be saved.

This site also allows its premium users to sell their premium accounts. Although they have rules of having only 2 resellers per country, this can open a window of opportunity to others because they have an option of selling their account.

There are other sites out there that offer free online storage. If your business depends on data storage and data back up, choose the right site for the job. Rapidshare.com is used by many for a lot of reasons.

To be able to download files from places like Rapidshare, you need to know the exact URL, for privacy reasons they do not supply a search facility, you are supposed to know or be given the URL to the files to download by friends. So I have provided the above search facility to find the URL of the file at Rapidshare.
When you search Rapidshare for files to download, you sometimes return a variety of different file types. To narrow down your search you can add a file extension to your term, such as mp3, zip, rar, avi, mpg, exe etc. Quite often people will compress files with win zip or win rar to make them easier to download from Rapidshare. You can enhance your mp3 search or video search by adding a parameter to your search term to cover these different file types, Always scan files you have downloaded from Rapidshare with an anti virus program before you attempt to open them.
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